Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 0

I'm writing this blog so that I can have some accountability. So that I'll know that others are watching and cheering me on. It might be lame but I'm the type of person that needs encouragement and moral support, just ask my husband. Haha 
My weight is something that I've struggled with virtually my whole life. I've seen my mom and two sisters lose a considerable amount of weight and their lives have been better for it. Now it's my turn.  I have decided to join weight watchers with my mom and sister. Although they have a lot less to lose I'm still counting on their support. I know it will be a long and extremely hard journey but it's time. I'm doing this for me. Not so that I'll look better for my husband or so that other people will think differently of me but for me. I want to feel better about myself. I've spent way too long feeling badly about the way I look. Last Sunday was my daughter, Ella's, baptism. After looking through the pictures I felt a deep sadness. My body certainly wasn't a reflection of my heart. I feel prettier than that. I'm a mom of three kids and although it is something that makes me feel good about myself, I don't look it on the outside. I don't want to get winded when I walk from the parking lot to the park bench where I'll sit and watch my kids play. I want to play WITH them. I want to have memories of chasing and running with my kids. I want to buy bikes and ride with them instead of watching from the sidelines. This is my life, it shouldn't be just observed but lived! I am very excited to begin this journey. I'm hesitant to even post this in a public place because of how self conscious I am, but I'm hopeful that it will encourage me to follow trough with each weight goal I set for myself. So here it goes! My weigh in is tomorrow!